Teamupcorp brings you

Opinio - an eco-syststem for the new

science of customer engagement.


The New Science of Engagement


Teamupcorp brings you an eco-system for the new science of customer engagement with two customer-facing services.

1. Opinio: a syndicated content curation, creation and distribution eco-system that challenger brands can ride on to fight established brands

2. E-squared: Turbocharges your loyalty program to deliver emotional gratification.

The Teamupcorp Leadership Team brings decades of marketing mojo into play. We've carried out a wide spectrum of assignments.

1. Digital marketing for a photography institute

2. Country entry strategy for a global confectionery major

3. Online community management for a global super-fruit brand

4. Digital marketing for a conference on the internet of things

5. Digital platform for managing B2B meetings for large conferences

The Opinio Syndicated Content Marketing Platform

Opinio tells stories for brands - you pick your screenplay.

You've heard of syndicated news services, with each publication doing its own articles.

Opinio brings together common research, editorial and design teams - and delivers customised narratives for your brand.

Back-end economies of scale and bespoke content solutions.That's Opinio.

A dedicated account manager will strategize your script at every turn of your brand's journey. Work with you to define the content buckets that make sense. And feed that to our research, editorial and design teams. And scan the results to see what needs changing.


Because your brand is special. And your customers deserve to know you better.

Here are some projects our content teams are working on:

1. Tracking developments in the retail industry for a major consulting firm working with Fortune 100 retailers

2. Tracking Government Policy initiatives, Notifications and Schemes as well as Investments in the pipeline for a major Industry Association

3. Bringing out a weekly newsletter for the Rail industry in India

E-Squared - “Emocharge" your Loyalty Program

The Rationale

Most loyalty programs work at the rationale level by offering material rewards for continued purchase of a brand’s products or services. Can a loyalty program also reward the consumer at an emotional level? If it can, then the program’s utility as a brand and sales building initiative increases substantially as emotional gratification is high on Maslow’s hierarchy. Team Up’s E-Squared - a convenient add-on to your existing loyalty marketing program- does just that

The Two Dimensions of E-Squared

E-Squared’s “Do-Good” Platform

E-Square’s Do-Good platform uses loyalty marketing to deliver the joy of “doing-good”. Based on the insight that the joy of “doing-good’ Is at its most intense when one can actually first-hand feel and see one’s contribution doing good to people in one’s neighborhood and community.

E-Squared’s “Inside Track” Platform

E-Squared “Insider Track” platform is designed to offer loyalty programs members a status boost that goes beyond material rewards. The “Inside Track” enables brands to graduate their loyal customers into brand advocates.


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