TeamUpCorp brings you

  • Organizational growth and strategy
  • Management By Objectives, setting expectations and defining boundaries
  • Knowledge Platform, OPINIO with curated content and content management
  • Marketing - Innovative and Digital
  • World class talent to help you successfully navigate every challenge
  • Software development, Testing and IV&V teams
  • Gamification of education and training, to increase absorption, learning, acceptance and retention
  • Organizing virtual conferences and trade fairs with pre-conference and post-conference components
  • Merger and Acquisitions, Pre-Merger Preparation and Post Merger Integration



The New Science of Engagement

TeamUpCorp helps your organization grow. Improve performance. Reduce attrition. Reduce waste to become more efficient, productive and profitable. Consolidate relationships with employees, vendors and clients. TeamUpCorp brings you strategies for organizational growth through an eco-system that supports the new science of constituents’ engagement. Gone are the days when any organization can live with only customers. Today, everyone needs customers, employees, vendors and more. Employees are not isolated; the demands of work today require that the families of employees are engaged and admire the employer. Hence, the need for constituents’ engagement at the highest level.

This is TeamUpCorp charter – Help everyone grow, and increase the happiness quotient in every aspect of their lives. We support all entities – Manufacturers, Service Providers, Traders, Retailers, Professional Service Firms, Not For Profit entities, and more.

We achieve this with a growing network of very seasoned professionals who step in as needed to help our clients achieve their goals, and often exceed them.

You want to grow? Call us.

Organizational Strategy & Growth:

Our specialty is to work with organizations and help them grow. We develop strategy for growth, which may be organic or through acquisition. For organic growth, we help expand in new geographies, both to find new workforce talent, and to serve clients from regional support centers. We identify and manage partners for collaborative expansion, both as contractors, or as BOT partners. For inorganic growth, we help identify target entities to acquire or merge with, for mutual benefit. For inorganic growth, we help develop and implement the strategy – including preparations for pre-merger and post-merger integration.

Organizational growth requires a strong and committed workforce. This is achieved by facilitating teams to establish sustainable growth plans, with clarity of objectives, division of labor, setting expectations and establishing boundaries. This is totally customized and developed on the basis of needs of each entity, bringing in experts as needed to support every aspect of the growth strategy and plans.


The New Science of Engagement

Mankind is a social phenomenon. No matter what we do, we prefer doing it with others. Therefore, it is critical one is aware of what others expect, and others are aware of what we expect. While the path of discovery is exciting in every relationship, it is best there is clarity of objectives very early in the relationship. Therefore, a fundamental requirement in every relationship to facilitate happy outcomes is to start the relationship by:

1. Setting expectations, and

2. Defining boundaries.

This is what we do well. Help set expectations and define boundaries. And, thus build and grow strong, happy, successful and mutually respectful relationships. All these constitute the basics of MBO (Management By Objectives).

  • Employer and Employees

  • Not for Profit Organizations and their staff, volunteers and donors
  • Companies and Clients, Retailers and Customers

  • Among members of families through AnandamLives.org
  • Employer and Employees

    Crises happen when performance is at sub-par levels, when the individuals are not handling their lives as well as possible, to their fullest potential and abilities. The question is whether one functions at mediocrity, or premium levels. We develop, implement and manage programs to increase employee productivity, while improving their performance and exciting them to come to work the next day. Simultaneously we ensure employers and the management team perform at peak levels, totally conscious that in order to get the best from employees everyone should be valued, respected and excited to be part of the system. And, they need to know it. We help develop interactive communication programs so initiatives are NOT top down, but collaborative and inspiring.

    Companies and Clients

    Successful relationships are those developed with respect and equality. There is no area where our guiding principles of setting expectations and drawing boundaries are more critical than in this relationship. This is a clear relationship of two equals – a seller and a buyer. There is no initial benefit of employment, which is mutual in employer-employee relationships. There is no familial obligations to bind the parties together. This is also a two-edged sword because every entity has vendors who provide products, materials and services. Every entity also has customers/clients to whom the entity provides their own products and services. And, there could be many vendors and more clients, with the complexity of relationships growing beyond imagination. Both vendors and clients have choices – no one should lose either due to lack of appropriate care.

    Retailers and Customers

    The world runs on Retail. Be it products or services. Hospitals run on the quality of physicians and nurses. Law firms thrive on success in the Court room, but their interpersonal relationship value with clients is not to be ignored. Retailers can easily compete on products and price – competing on customer service is a LOT more challenging. There are hundreds of pizza places, but why do some excel and are head and shoulders above the others? Because of the total experience – not just the taste of the pizza. This is true for most restaurants – quality service is at least as important as the taste of food. TeamUpCorp brings you an eco-system for the new science of customer engagement with customer-centric services. Meaningful Customer Loyalty Programs make the difference between night and day. We excel at developing and putting in place these programs that make a difference. Our programs are NOT one size fits all cookie cutter points solution for rewarding customers with discounts and free products. Our E-squared programs Turbocharge your loyalty program to deliver emotional gratification. This is priceless, and customized by our team for each client, depending on what your Company values and USP (unique selling proposition) are.

    Not for Profit Organizations staff, volunteers and donors

    This is a very unique situation which has all the intricacies of the preceding two groups, as well as a very unique relationship with unpaid help (volunteers) and payments by persons and entities who receive nothing in exchange (donors). Coupled with these, the employees are expected to be super performers (which often they are) and because they are so passionate about the work (which is what makes them super performers), the staff are expected to take less than commercial market pay, AND not expect to receive any benefits or bonuses for outstanding performance. We specialize in developing good compensation plans for these team members, to not only get the best of each person, but also to increase the happiness quotient/factor of everyone in the organization, irrespective of the role. Leadership in these entities are highly motivated and often self- righteous, not necessarily experienced in basics of human life – everyone has the same financial needs and while passion is awesome, it seldom pays the mortgage or puts food on the table.

    Among members of families through AnandamLives.org

    The world today is a lot different from say 30 years ago. Totally different from say 50 years ago. And, no one has taught us how to deal with the challenges of today. This is particularly true in families that have multi-generations living under one roof. When there are aged parents living with children and grandchildren, the dynamics are at one level. Once the grandchildren leave the home, and generally the parents are aging, dealing with the grandparent and his/her challenges are more complex. When the grand parent lives alone in the same or different town, and parents are sandwiched between guilt over the parents’ situation and demands of children and their own employment, there is desperate need for sustainable, viable solutions. We develop these programs designed to meet the needs of each family. Our goal is to help folks live happy lives, no matter how much they are physically and emotionally challenged. At work, and home.

    World class talent to help you successfully navigate every challenge

    Every business requires experts for short, temporary periods of time. It is best to hire an experienced consultant to complete the task at hand. Talk to us about your needs. Our talent pool includes some of the most talented leaders in business.

    Software development, Testing and IV & V teams

    Most organizations are not in the business of software development and it makes sense to outsource the work to a reliable partner. We bring different partners in multiple technologies to work with our clients. Let us know your requirements.

    Gamification of education and training, to increase absorption, learning, acceptance and retention

    Training starts with onboarding and orientation of new employees, and never stops. We are expert at developing effective training programs that are fun to go through, with consistent and sustainable return on investment. We offer multiple business models and make this affordable to every situation, to every client.

    Organizing virtual conferences and trade fairs with pre-conference and post- conference components

    With the technology available today, and prevailing concerns about the risks and costs of travel our Conference & Trade Fair solutions are the way to go. We make these more effective and successful than real physical events in crowded venues – at much lower cost and more meaningful distribution of marketing collateral, souvenirs and gift items. Speak with our conference specialists and see how to grow your business and develop into a market leader.

    Merger and Acquisitions, Pre-Merger Preparation and Post Merger Integration

    Most organizations reach a plateau, beyond which growth stops. This is for several reasons. Our experts will meet with your leadership and increase understanding of your organization’s limits to growth, and help you overcome challenges through a choice of strategies. We will help your team prepare for acquisition and absorption of appropriate entities, and when appropriate, help make your organization an attractive partner for others to target in a mutually beneficial merger or acquisition.

    Knowledge Platform

    Opinio: a syndicated content curation, creation and distribution eco-system that provides content on the areas of our interest and expertise. Picked from publications around the world, including YouTube videos that help improve lives through introspection and experimenting with methods that helped others overcome comparable issues

    The Opinio Syndicated Content Platform

    A syndicated content curation, creation and distribution eco-system that provides content on the areas of our interest and expertise. Picked from publications around the world, including YouTube videos that help improve lives through introspection and experimenting with methods that helped others overcome comparable issues

    Opinio tells stories for lives - you pick your screenplay.

    You've heard of syndicated news services, with each publication doing its own articles.

    Opinio brings together common research, editorial and design teams - and delivers customized narratives for your interests.

    Back-end economies of scale and bespoke content solutions. That's Opinio.

    dedicated account manager will strategize your script at every turn of your growth journey. We will work with you to define the content buckets that make sense. And feed that to our research, editorial and design teams. And scan the results to see what needs changing.

    Because your needs are special. And your teams deserve and need to know you better. Here are some projects our content teams are working on:

    1. Tracking developments in the retail industry for a major consulting firm working with Fortune 100 retailers

    2. Tracking Government Policy initiatives, Notifications and Schemes as well as Investments in the pipeline for a major Industry Association

    3. Bringing out a weekly newsletter for the Rail industry in India


    Marketing Loyalty & Engagement

    Marketing: All our work requires significant marketing. Between employers and employees, companies and vendors/clients/customers, within families and in every other relationship that we work together to improve. The TeamUpCorp Leadership Team brings decades of marketing mojo into play. We've carried out a wide spectrum of assignments.

    1. Digital marketing for a photography institute

    2. Country entry strategy for a global confectionery major

    3. Online community management for a global super-fruit brand

    4. Digital marketing for a conference on the internet of things

    5. Digital platform for managing B2B meetings for large conferences

    6. Digital platform for managing organizational meetings, training, retreats and more

    E-Squared - “Emocharge" your Loyalty Program

    The Rationale

    Most loyalty programs work at the rationale level by offering material rewards for continued purchase of a brand’s products or services. Loyalty is required NOT only from customers. It is required from everyone involved in the game. Employees, vendors, clients, customers, and more. Can a loyalty program also reward the constituents at an emotional level? Yes, it can. When this is achieved, the program’s utility as an organizational and team building initiative increases substantially as emotional gratification is high on Maslow’s hierarchy. TeamUpCorp’s E-Squared - a convenient add-on to your existing loyalty marketing program- does exactly that

    The Two Dimensions of E-Squared

    E-Squared’s “Do-Good” Platform

    E-Square’s Do-Good platform uses loyalty marketing to deliver the joy of “doing-good”. Based on the insight that the joy of “doing-good’ Is at its most intense when one can actually first-hand see, feel and experience one’s contribution doing good to people in one’s neighborhood and community.

    E-Squared’s “Inside Track” Platform

    E-Squared “Insider Track” platform is designed to offer loyalty programs members a status boost that goes beyond material rewards. The “Inside Track” enables brands to graduate their loyal constituents into brand advocates.


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